Know Some Tips for Hiring a Bus for a Wedding

Planning for a wedding is a task in itself! Transportation is one of the segments where you need to be on your toes all the time. The guests need to travel to the venue on time and back safely. Bus suffices the purpose well and is considered to be one of the best options for wedding transportation.

Let us check out a few tips to help make the right choice when selecting a company offering services for wedding bus hire in Perth. It is important that you choose the best service.

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Many bus rental services are available in Perth, Australia. If you wish to choose the best, you would have to do a little research and shortlist a few of them. You might want to pay a visit before finalizing the best fit. Every wedding is different and so is the transportation requirement. You may have certain specifications related to the transport service for the wedding. Discuss everything with the service providers.

Decide The Vehicle

Once you know the number of people traveling, it is easy for you to decide which bus you would want to hire. For more people to accommodate, you can either choose two smaller buses or a big one, depending on your requirements. Check if there are overhead compartments for your bags.

It might happen that you need a vehicle for some late arrivals, but if you think you can manage the time well, choose a big bus ensuring complete fun for all of them being together. In simple terms, the size of the bus would depend on the number of passengers traveling in it. While selecting a bus for wedding transportation purpose, it is always recommended to have extra seats booked.

Condition Of The Vehicle – Safety

When it comes to wedding bus hire services, safety is the most important aspect which cannot be compromised at any cost. Check if the driver has a valid license with good experience of driving in particular areas where you would travel.

Once you plan to visit the service providers, you would want to check the condition of the vehicle – besides considering the safety aspect, there shouldn’t be any kind of embarrassment in front of the guests. Hence, the bus should be in good condition. Avoid signing up the older coaches as they might breakdown on the way or cause trouble.


You would want a music system, restroom, wifi, restroom, and other facilities on the bus if the distance covered would be long. Check if the bus fulfills these requirements ensuring the comfort of the family members and guests. Drinking water option inside the bus is always a good idea.

A GPS tracking facility would also be something you would want to consider. It is important especially while covering a long distance. Ask the service providers if they include this facility.

More questions you would want to ask the bus service providers –

  • Are food and beverages permitted on the bus?
  • Can I meet the driver?
  • Will the driver have a coordinator with him?
  • Is the bus insured?
  • Are you prepared for last-minute changes?
  • How much do I need to pay at the time of booking?
  • Can I pay the remaining amount after the wedding ceremony is over?
  • What is included in the charges?
  • Is gratuity included?
  • For last-minute changes or cancelations, is refund applicable?
  • Besides the bus driver, at the time of emergency, will anyone from the company be available?

Book Early

Once the date, location, and the number of guests are finalized, it’s time to book the transport. Booking early is more essential if your plans are during the wedding season – last -minute booking might give you limited options in the coaches and cost would also go high. The other reason could be the tick to your task list which I am sure would be quite long.

Early booking gives time to the transport team as well to prepare themselves as per your specifications.

Wedding is always fun when the family and guests get together and enjoy even during the traveling time. Choose us for wedding bus hire in Perth and make the event a memorable one – after all marriages are once in life-time celebrations!

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